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New Patient Information

We are excited to have you join us as a new patient at Schwartz Clinics! Here’s some information to help you get the most out of your visit.

Please bring all supplements and medication you take with you to your first office visit.

Please bring all your medication and supplements you take with you to your first office visit. This includes any prescribed medication and creams, contraceptive or birth control pills, eye drops, over-the-counter medications, herbal or natural medicines and vitamins. By having an idea of your medication and supplement intake, we can better understand your health condition and how to best take care of you. It also will streamline the process of giving you the appropriate new medications and refills if need be.

Requesting copies of your medical records

If you have had significant medical problems, testing or treatment in your health history within the past few years, it will help your doctor to have medical records from your previous doctor(s). We ask this in order to prevent duplicate testing or treatments that have failed in the past. In order to authorize the release of your medical records from outside offices into ours, we ask you to complete this form and mail it to your previous doctor’s office.

Click here to view and print the form.

We usually receive your records within two weeks so we recommend that you call our office two weeks after sending the authorization form to your past doctor’s office to see if we have received your medical records. If we have not received the records, we may ask you to resend the form or call your last doctor’s office.

Completing registration paperwork

In order to make your registration process more efficient, we ask you to complete all registration forms prior to arriving to your appointment. As a reminder, these pre-visit forms are for new patients.

Click here to see the collection of pre-visit forms.

If for any reason you cannot complete the forms in advance, you may fill them out at our office but please allot time prior to your appointment to do so.

Bring your insurance card

Please bring your most current insurance card and your ID with you to all your appointments. We will verify the activity status of your insurance prior to your appointment.

Arrival time

If you have completed your pre-visit forms in advance, please arrive fifteen minutes before your scheduled appointment in order to complete registration and verify insurance eligibility. If you plan to complete your pre-visit forms at our office, we ask that you arrive an additional 10-15 minutes early to complete the forms on site prior to your appointment.

Requesting copies of your medical records

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Completing registration paperwork

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